Try An Extremely Sweet Smoothie that doesn’t have Much Sugar

It’s essential to lower the consumption of sugar when you are trying to stay on a healthy diet. A lot of people have plenty of fruits during this time but the truth is that even naturally occurring sugars should be eaten in moderation. So what’s the solution when you really feel like eating something sweet?

This smoothie is extremely sweet but barely has any sugar.The best thing to do is to try this creamy and extremely sweet low-sugar smoothie. There are several ingredients that you’ll have to use but the first thing to do is to pull out a good quality blender because you’ll be blending lots of solids. Generally, the main ingredients that you’ll be using are Spinach, Strawberries, Blueberries and Cashew Nuts.

So normally, I throw in some Spinach followed by a few chopped Strawberries and Blueberries. I also use unsweetened Almond milk as the main liquid. The use of unsweetened milk is very important here. I blend all of these ingredients and this should form a smooth smoothie. You can also add some cashew nuts at this time and a protein powder of your choice. Protein powder can also have lots of sugars so I try to go for Pea protein but you can choose any plant-based protein that doesn’t have any added sugars. Once you’ve blended all of this, the next step is to add a tiny bit of cinnamon to flavor. As you can see that the ingredients are all natural and don’t have any added sugars. Despite this, the smoothie will look and taste amazing.

Obviously you’ll need to alter the amount of ingredients used to change the taste according to your own requirements. Or you can even try other similar smoothie recipes.

Healthy and Delicious Ways to Make Apple-based Snacks

Using apple slices in your oatmeal adds in a delicious taste, and creates a healthy snack in just a few minutes.Even when a person is trying their best to stick to a healthy diet, cravings for sugar can force them to give in. In this situation, it’s not a good idea to start eating chocolates and other foods that are infested with processed sugars and fats. These foods should be minimized and foods that possess naturally occurring sugars should be prioritized.

Fruits are a perfect example of this and Apples in particular are often used to make all kinds of desserts. These are extremely healthy as they have lots of fiber and antioxidants that help the normal functioning of the body.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be looking to make desserts that are made from Apples but also have lots of unhealthy ingredients. The ideal plan should be to use an Apple as the main ingredient and combine it with other healthy ingredients.

A perfect example of a snack is Oatmeal. You can throw some raw Apple pieces into an airtight jar with oatmeal mixed with Almond milk and nuts. If you leave this overnight, you’ll have a delicious tasting breakfast ready to have in the morning. The taste will be truly unique.

You can always try to make an Apple pie that utilizes healthy ingredients. There are tons of recipes that will allow you to do this. Even making a smoothie that combines Apples with different fruits and vegetables will provide a different taste.

Making an Apple one of the main ingredients of a salad may also be highly effective. Another snack that you can try would be Apple French toast. With this snack, you’re supposed to coat an Apple piece with all sorts of ingredients.

If these ideas aren’t suitable for you, there are tons of better ideas through which you’ll be able to utilize Apples in a healthy diet.

Best Blender for Smoothies for Fruits and Vegetables

Raw diets have become very popular in the past few years. The main reason for this is the fact that once these foods are cooked, a lot of the vitamins and minerals in the food get lost due to the high heat and the entire process of cooking in general.

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten rather than drank in the form of smoothies but you need to be honest with yourself. How many pieces of fruit and vegetables are you going to realistically eat per day? I would’ve thought not many because I’m in the same situation as you. But instead, if we threw in as many pieces of fruits and vegetables into the best blender for smoothies and had a smoothie every morning, then can you imagine the influx of nutrients into your body? I know I would much prefer to consume as many nutrients as possible rather than risk not getting any at all. So that’s exactly what I’ve started to do. Now I never have a day without drinking a smoothie.

Blending vs. Juicing

At this point, a lot of you will be wondering what the difference is between blending and juicing. In simple words, juicing will remove most of the nutrients and fiber while these will remain intact if you end up blending.

So now that you know what you must do, what’s the best blender for smoothies that will consist mainly of fruits and vegetables. I’ve had a lot of different blenders in the past and not all of my experiences have been without problems. Some machines don’t blend very well and leave chunks in the smoothie while others stop functioning very soon after purchase.

The Magic Bullet

These days I’ve been using the Magic Bullet a lot and it’s fair to say that this hasn’t disappointed me so far. The specific model I use is the Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 series. This is basically a complete system and contains pretty much everything you need to make a great smoothie. It even comes with a hardcover recipe book that you can experiment with in your free time.

When it comes to the smoothies, the Magic Bullet hasn’t disappointed me so far. It has performed admirably due to a variety of specifications. It has a powerful motor that runs on 900 watts. From what I’ve observed, this is sufficient to blend all sorts of ingredients and you certainly shouldn’t experience any problems with fruits and vegetables.

For me though, the most impressive feature of the Magic Bullet has been the ease of usability. When I first used it, it looked quite complicated but making smoothies will never get as easy as it does with the Magic Bullet. All you’ll ever need to do is place all of your ingredients into the container, screw the lid on tightly and fix it into the system and blend away.

The good thing is that you could drink from this container straight away as it’s not an oversized jug. The Magic Bullet is a personal blender that includes all sorts of accessories to make your personal experience a lot better. You can make good quality smoothies and in no time at all and this aspect of convenience is what I love the most.

It’s obvious that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and while the Magic Bullet is the best blender for smoothies for me, this might not be the case for you. The best thing to do here is to look all around the market to find a blender that performs well and is associated with a good value. You can start off by reading:

If you’re on a tight budget then just remember that to enjoy the taste and health benefits of smoothies, you don’t even need to own a blender. Sure the results won’t be the same but at least you’ll be getting plenty of vitamins and minerals to fuel your body!

Different Ways of Making Smoothies without A Blender

There comes a time when nothing feels better than having an extremely cool fruit smoothie. But there’s also nothing worse than not having access to a blender when the craving is at its highest. So what can you do when you really must have a smoothie? Well, you need to look for ingredients that will allow you to make a smoothie without using a blender.

You don't necessarily need a blender to make smoothies.This might feel like a very hard task but you can easily find some ingredients by searching on the Internet. Obviously the texture might not be the same as a smoothie made in a blender but you will prefer a glass of an extremely refreshing smoothie to nothing. I have given some examples of ingredients that will allow you to do this without needing a blender.

An Avocado is superfood as it has extremely amazing nutrients. Normally, if you try to make a smoothie without a blender then the consistency is usually a bit watery. If you smash an Avocado and mix it with the rest of your ingredients, the consistency will be thicker and creamier.

Chia seeds would also be considered as being a part of the superfoods group. It is particularly advantageous when used in smoothie as it forms a thick gel when mixed with water and other liquids. Greek yogurt is another ingredient that will make the smoothie a bit thicker. Powders can also be mixed with water bit by bit to thicken the watery consistency.

These are just a few ingredients that you can use to make a smoothie without a blender. But, there are some tools that you can also use as an alternative to a blender. A whisk would be a perfect alternative and you’re bound to find it at home.

It basically acts as a manual smoothie maker and is usually quite effective in smoothing out the ingredients. You can also use something like a shaker to smoothen out the ingredients but in this case, you will need liquid and smooth ingredients. I agree that making a smoothie without a blender isn’t ideal but when you’re really craving this, it won’t hurt to use this strategy.

The Difference Between Milkshakes and Malts

Malts and milkshakes are both extremely popular drinks and they are unique in their own ways. But, most people equally love both of these drinks.

If you are a big fan of malts, I still find it hard to believe that anyone could refuse the chance to have a thick and creamy milkshake. That is also the case for malts. How could you refuse it?

If you can't decide between a milkshake and a malt drink, why not try a chocolate malt milkshake?Aside from having their own unique taste, there are some differences between both of these drinks. The main difference usually involves the addition of malted milk powder alongside the different ingredients. As a result of this addition, the final taste is a little bit sour, something that appeals to some people. You can easily make this in your smoothie blender or any other similar machine.

Personally, I am a big fan of milkshakes. I just find it difficult to pass up on the opportunity to have one. Even when I am concentrating on cutting out the bad foods, a milkshake is usually my weakness. But at the same time, I think that there is a right time to have malt.

Usually when I make a milkshake at home, I tend to try a lot of different ice cream flavors though vanilla makes the creamiest milkshakes. But the fact that there are so many flavors means that you can taste something different every time.

When making a malt drink, I try the same sort of combination. I use ice cream mixed with milk and malted milk powder. This leads to a very unique taste, like something that you have never tasted before. But I must add that not all flavors work well with malted milk powder so it is all about experimenting.

I have spoken a little bit of milkshakes and malt drinks but remember that I usually make these when I am really craving something fattening and filled with sugar. This might be once every two weeks or even three weeks. Most of the time, I try to stick to my diet, which is based on high protein and low carbohydrates.

My Favorite Breakfast Smoothies Recipes with Protein Powder

I have heard a lot of people complaining about other people that use protein powder. They usually have a disgusted expression and state that bodybuilders use these.

If you're trying to increase your daily intake of protein powder, add in some protein powder in your breakfast smoothie.The main thing to remember is that protein powder is used to provide the body with more protein, something the body needs for optimum nutrition. There are lots of arguments against using protein powders in a healthy diet. But you cannot argue against the fact that it does fill you up and if consumed the right way, it can allow you to control your weight a little better. Additionally, most of us already know that protein is needed for healthy skin, nails, hair and various other features of the body.

These are the reasons that I try to have a protein smoothie every morning for breakfast. After all, this will provide you with essential nutrients while also preventing you from overeating later on in the day.

I usually try different recipes but here are some of my favorite ones.

Power Smoothie: My power smoothie is the one that I have most often. This is because it contains incredibly healthy ingredients such as kale. I do not really like the taste of kale so I try to cover this up by adding some berries and even a medium sized banana. I try to add some hemp protein powder as this is known to be very healthy. Some additional ingredients I have tried include chia seeds, cinnamon and flaxseeds for their own individual benefits.

The Best French Press and Coffee Grinder that I have ever used

If you already have the best french press, you need a high quality coffee grinder for best results.If you are trying to make the greatest tasting coffee with incredible taste and flavor, you need the greatest apparatus.

You will need the best French press in combination with the best coffee grinder in order to be able to make the best coffee. A lot of people will question this and say that there is no difference between two different grinders but these people probably have no experience in carrying out a task like this.

The aim of this article is to review different grinders so that you know exactly which one you need to get. Believe it or not, even choosing something like a coffee grinder can be a tough job simply because there is so much variety available. They are all at different prices and this makes the job even more complicated.

For me personally, the best French press was the KONA Coffee and Tea Pot but you need to choose your own to combine with the coffee grinder you are about to choose. Here are some high quality grinders that I have come across before.

Mazzer Mini Espresso: This grinder probably beats every other when making coffee grounds at home. It would even be suitable for commercial use if you wanted it to. It is built very well and is very sturdy. There are no particular settings but you just get the choice between the consistencies of the grounds. You can choose to make very fine grounds or coarse grounds according to your own requirements. The best thing about this is that it actually works. Due to the performance, I would say this is the best grinder I have ever come across.

Capresso Infinity: The 560.01 Infinity Burr grinder has remained as one of the best ones that I have ever owned. In my opinion, it is associated with amazing performance as the grounds are very consistent. I think the best part of this is the fact that this grinder is very budget-friendly. Grinders are not usually very expensive but this one performs very well when compared to the other products that will cost around the same. There are quite a few different settings that you will have to experiment with but you will also get a decent-sized container that will hold lots of grounds. Obviously, some times the grounds do get stuck in the grinder but tapping this should allow you to remove all of them. But, you will have to clean the grinder after every use. Another positive thing about this is that it has a warranty for 1 year.

THe Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is excellent to use along with your french press.Rancilio Rocky: This was one of the first grinders I tried and you should know that it is quite a low-end product. But from my experience, it is still one of the best grinders for home. This is mainly due to the simplicity, performance and cost. The product is very robust and looks to be made from good quality material. It provides a good bit of uniformity when making the grounds too. But it has some flaws as well and one of the main ones is that it would probably be more suitable for an espresso rather than a French pot. But I would consider this to be a great little starting machine especially considering it comes with a warranty for 2 years.

A high quality coffee grinder is supposed to combine with the best French press so that the press can make a cup of coffee that has the right balance, incredible taste and smell.

Video – Dr Oz and Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz is a renowned Doctor and health guru.

Just recently in 2012, he spoke about the weight loss action of green coffee bean extract. However, there was a lot of information that he didn’t give us.

You can watch the video below to decide whether it’s worth trying this new health supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews – The Truth

I think it was 2012 when Dr. Oz started to come out about the weight loss benefits of the green coffee bean extract.

Green Coffee Bean extract is a good addition to your weight loss diet.I was immediately intrigued because I knew that coffee in general is quite rich in antioxidants and has lots of health benefits. However, I never trust any information just dished out to me. I always try and do some research myself to try and understand how it all works.

First and foremost, I found that there are not many reliable resources that you can trust. The companies that were trying to sell the supplements sponsored a lot of the studies. This immediately raised question marks in my head because there was bound to be some form of bias.

The studies did well to explain a lot of the apparent benefits of the green coffee bean extract. For example, these supplements are supposed to provide a tighter control over your blood glucose levels while also reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and reducing blood pressure. All of these effects indicate a positive outcome for a person trying to lose weight.

However, a lot of the studies do not mention the adverse effect profile of the green coffee bean extract. Additionally, the studies that have been carried out do not assess the long-term implications of the use of these supplements. This video might explain some things that Dr. Oz did not explain in 2012.

As a result of this, there is no way I would trust a supplement like this. I am usually against the use of supplements anyway but I think the uncertainty of the long-term use of this will prevent me from going near the green coffee bean extract.

Here are some Surprising Uses for Coffee Grounds

Coffee is great especially if you brew your own using the best quality beans. But, most of us just throw these coffee grounds away after using them.

Coffee grounds are more useful than you think.People who focus on recycling pretty much every little thing will know that there are tons of ways that you can do the same for used coffee grounds. This can benefit you greatly at home and in your life.

I bet you will be pleasantly surprise when you read these but here are a mere few ways that you can recycle coffee grounds.

To unclog the sink: The kitchen sink is a major problem for most people as small leftovers can sneak into the drain and block the sink. I was surprised when I heard this but you can actually use used coffee grounds to unblock this drain. All you will need to do is throw the grounds in through the drain followed by some unblocking liquid. The next step would be to pour boiling water through this to unblock the drain in an efficient and hassle-free way.

To reduce dark circles: Coffee ground can work in the same way as teabags by reducing the puffiness of your eyes. Creating a paste when grounds are mixed with water and then applying to the under-eye area for 10 to 15 minutes can do this.

An exfoliant: You can mix the grounds with some olive oil and wash your face with the mixture for removal of dead skin cells on the surface.

These are just a few benefits I have noticed. But the good thing is that there are plenty more. These can range from beauty to household and garden use.