Monday, May 6, 2013

I love blogging but lately i feel like i have had so many things on the go vying for my time that i really needed to get organised so i could start producing some great posts and not get sidetracked. There is a wealth of work involved in running a blog, must of which has nothing to do with the actual posts! So i spent the last few days creating my own blog planner so i can get on top of things and make time for what matters the most. 

I'm sure there is someone out there who may find this helpful so jump on over and get yourself my FREE BLOG PLANNER. I will be adding more resources to it in the coming weeks but for now it's good to go. 

I hope you enjoy and i look forward to hearing from you and reading your blogs. Leave me a link to yours below so i can come say hi. 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome to my little guys room. I have been meaning to share it for a while but it has only just come together as we bought our first house a few months back and it has taken longer than i thought to get it all together. I have always loved the look of grey walls and white furniture so it was a little exciting to be able to get out the paintbrush and slap on a coat of paint for the very first time! 
I didn't have a big budget for his room so i made a lot of what you can see, such as the pom poms, fabric wall hangings, and cushions and picked up many of the other pieces at a great price. 
My initial inspiration for the colour of the room was the ABC wall hanging. I loved the colours and really didn't want anything blue or beige themed. My daughter has a very pretty, soft coloured room so i went with a more masculine rich colour scheme and i love how it turned out. 

:: here's the details ::
Light fitting - Ikea | Pom poms - handmade | Armchair - i restored and reupholstered | grey cushion - handmade | Orange cushion and side table - Target | ABC wall hanging - Typo | Fabric canvas - handmade | Laundry bin - Big W | Cot - from a friend | Chest of draws - my childhood antique draws that my dad restored as a gift | White cube shelf, baskets / change table - Ikea expedit | Fabric - Spotlight | Flatweave rug - Spotlight

If you are in the process of creating a nursery or any room for that matter, i find that a great place to start is to find a piece that you love, like some art, cushions or a picture and build on the colours and the  theme of the room from there. 

These three family images taken by the amazing Bek Grace 

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

We use to chat about these days often, my friends and I. The days when our late nights out on the town, girls weekends and coffee dates would be replaced with afternoon BBQs and weekends away with little ones underfoot.
Here we are now living out those dreams.
The past few days my husband and I escaped out into the country side with a few of our closest friends and all our kiddies. What once was eight of us has now multiplied to 12.
The days were long and so peaceful. The kids were non-stop but full of laughter and joy at having a three day slumber party. Endless hills and lakes surrounded us and kangaroos hopped around off the back deck.
These times I had dreamed about are as good as I could have imagined.
I am so grateful to have close friends to share life with.

What did you get up to for Anzac Day?
Anyone else enjoy a four day weekend?

In memory of my pop who served this country and his twin brother who lost his life at war.
Joining in with Maxabella and Em

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gorgeous Bettina from Little Old Souls is with us today.
She is mum to a handsome little guy, Eamon and runs a store full of handmade goodies that you have to check out  plus she is a hot yogo mumma who somehow fits university study in there as well. 

Prior to being a mum I was very focused on my career. I started my Masters in Education and was looking at promotional positions.  Now? What a change a baby makes!  Whilst I still want to work and am almost finished my study I also don't want to miss out on the precious times at home.  At the moment I don't have a choice as there is no daycare where i live but we are moving soon so I will have the option to work.  Lots of decisions to make!

My favourite part is seeing my boy learn something new every day! Even if it is only knowing how to point to his now, every small achievement is a big deal.  I find isolation the most challenging part, which is why I love the blogging community; it feels like we are all going through it together. 


I write lists.  But I've also had to get over the fact that some days nothing on my list will get done.  I use nap time wisely.  If i know something HAS to be done that day, its happening in the first 10 minutes of his nap because you can never guarantee longer than 20 minutes! I also work late into the night, but I try to only do this when my husband is at work so to balance time with him as well.

Multi-tasking and putting things in their place.  Whilst the jug boils I put dishes away, whilst Eamon has a bath I sort clothes, whilst I make dinner I wash up as I go, etc.  I've found if I don't put things away straight away I end up with dumping grounds in the house that drive me insane.  If it gets too bad I feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start so keeping on top of it is key.

The importance of family - both my parents have always been connected to extended families and put a lot of effort into staying connected. 

Being genuine and putting yourself out there. I think most bloggers are willing to help, you just need to ask.  
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Bettina. Head over to Little Old Souls to check out more or say hi on Facebook.  

If you would like to take part in the Mums Making it Work series please drop in here and send me through your details. 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Many years ago when i was a little girl my grandma taught me how to knit and crochet. She made me the most beautiful crocheted blanket that today adorns my little girls bed. Fast forward 20 something years and once again there is a craft revival bubbling up around me and i have felt so inspired to pick up my knitting needles and join in.
Since a chill has started to creep into the air and warm woolies are filling the store shelves, i decided to start with a simple scarf, red of course. I could go and buy one for $20, complete with a Made in China label but where's the fun in that? There is something so special about making something for yourself. Pouring over each stitch, unravelling and fixing mistakes and starting over again when it ends up a total disaster.
Knitting a scarf using a basic stitch is so very simple. So if you have never tried your hand at many crafts and think them far too complicated, i dare you to just give it a go. It's so satisfying!
All you will need for this project is some wool and a pair of knitting needles.
Tip - buy some good quality wool and it should tell you on the label what size knitting needles to use.

Very Pink have some fantastic tutorials for beginners right through to far more complicated projects.

That is my red one above in the process of coming together. I will share some pics of it when it's all done. I would love to see what crafty things you have been working on. Leave a link in the comments below so i can check them out.

For more inspiration visit my Pinterest knitting board 
Image sources 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am a little addicted to all things art at the moment and have been on the hunt for some beautiful bright bold prints for my house. I love being surrounded by colour and interesting quirky things. Here is a roundup of my favourite artists of the minute. They all sell their prints online so get clicking below if any take your fancy. 

*This is not a sponsored post, simply an honest roundup of artists i am loving right now. 

I would love to discover more artists. Please share your favourites below so i can take a peek...

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Good morning from my beautiful shores here on the Gold Coast!
This weekend we escaped the boredom that was creeping in at home on Saturday and ventured ten minutes down the road to these glorious shores. 
We grabbed some fish and chips and icy beers and made our way to the beachfront and watched dusk creep in and the felt the cool autumn air take hold of the evening. 
The rest of this week has been filled with playdates, family visits, baking, road trips, house renos, unpacking (still!) and attempting to keep two very boisterous children stimulated. 

Sometimes, actually pretty often, i feel like i'm going a tad crazy at home. Our house suddenly feels so small with two youngsters always underfoot in a space that needs to be kept super tidy and organised or  it quickly gets chaotic. My 7 month old boy has been crawling for months and is now on the verge and walking which means he is in to everything. I thought i would have a few more months reprieve from this super busy age but he is a little go getter and certainly keeps me fit. Who needs to exercise when you have kids to run around after and pick up a thousand times a day?? 

I am certainly not complaining though and i am so incredibly thankful every day that we have managed to buy our first home this year. Having our very own patch of ground and a house i am loving more every day is such a blessing. I have decided to jump on board and join in with 52 weeks of grateful with the lovely Maxabella. Better late than never i say.

So today it is Sunday and i am beyond grateful. 

Grateful to be surrounded by people i adore and things i love. 
To have a home filled with love, laughter and cheeky little ones. 
To have the opportunity to experience motherhood and learn more about my 
strengths and shortcomings every day. 
To know my God and that in a world where so much pain exists, 
there is an unshakeable joy and peace to be found in him. 
That i am in the top 1% of richest people in the world 
(you most probably are as well if you have a fridge with some food in it! crazy ha)
I could go on, but today i will cherish most these little people i have been entrusted 
with and the man by my side. They make me feel so needed and enrich my life
in ways i never knew possible.

Here's to you cuties.
*Joining up with Em over at The Beetle Shack for weekly stills

Posted on Sunday, April 21, 2013 by Bec Zacher